Location, Location, Location!!!

Let me tell you, the location of Haverford College is ideal. You really couldn’t ask for more. You get the best of both worlds– a suburban setting that is 15 minutes from Philly.

In college you get this wonderful thing called fall break…you get a whole week of vacation in October…incredible right? This year I decided to stay on campus for fall break to attempt to work on my grad school applications and my thesis. So far though, I have no been as productive as I wished, sleeping has been my priority ha-ha. The only complication to staying on campus over fall break is that the dining center is closed. Therefore, I have to look elsewhere to feed myself. Luckily, Haverford is not located in the middle of nowhere. The Mainline is just a 3-minute walk away.

The Mainline, also known as Lancaster Ave, is a popular street filled with activities, restaurants, and everything you could want. If you watch Pretty Little Liars, it is commonly referenced on the show. Within walking distance from Haverford College you have a CVS, a Starbucks, a Saxbys Coffee Shop, an Apple Store, a Trader Joes, and every possible kind of restaurant you could want. I have never had a problem getting anything I’ve needed to survive the college life.

This break my friends and I decided to order take out from a different restaurant each night for dinner. The food in the area is really well priced and affordable, which is key when you are a college student. So far we have eaten Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and tonight we did Thai and it was incredible. We have been trying to experience the Mainline to the fullest and have been successful. It is really great to be so close to an array of shops and restaurants and never feel isolated. We are able to get the things we need but at the same time be in a suburban setting.

Could you ask for more?