Senior Year?

I guess it is time to face the facts… I am a senior. What? I feel like I can remember being in the position all you people are in now 4 years ago: applying to college, trying to find the right school, trying to pick the right school, and this being on top of handling the course work of senior year and everything that entails. Oddly enough, I am in this position again. I am in the process of applying to Graduate School. Who knew I would have to go through the college process again? Haha. So I know how it feels to be in the midst of this hectic time. But I can promise you that you will get in somewhere, you will go to an amazing school, and this process will be over sooner than you think.

The past 3 years at Haverford have been incredible and I am in shock that I have to currently to think about leaving this glorious place. For many of you the concept of there being something after college is not on your minds, but it is a reality. Good news, Haverford has an amazing Career Development Office that is there to help you with that “after college” part of life. Since arriving back on campus, I have met with the Career Development Office 3 different times in the past month. They willingly and eagerly help you compose resumes, talk about the future, help with graduate school and job applications, and provide you with terrific advice. We are each given a Career Counselor who is in charge of getting to know us. During the first meeting their intention is to simply learn about our interests, talk about our background experience, and to get the basics about us. From then on, they are our own personal contact in the office. They help us pick schools to apply to, if graduate school is what is going to be the next step, or they help with finding jobs and setting up interviews. The Career Development Office has been a resource that I couldn’t survive without this last month. Having such a small school means people are taking the time to get to know you, to care about you, and to help you plan what will come next.

I know that for many of you this will not be the most interesting blog post ever, but I know that this is on the minds of your parents so show them this!