Pictures/Thousand Words: Campus in Full Bloom

It’s a busy time around Haverford these days. The Admissions staff just finished in committee, the process by which the amazing applicants to Haverford are discussed and admissions decisions are made. Seniors have thesis deadlines and are scrambling to finish research and writing in time. And midterms seem to be popping up everyday.

And yet, amidst all that, spring has arrived! There has been a lot of discussion in the news about this record early spring, and everyday, walking around campus, I’m reminded of what a gorgeous spring it has been–and will be!

Haverford’s natural beauty is something that I really enjoy about campus. We’re a state-certified arboretum with 18 state champion trees (and a tree: student ratio of 4:1!). The arboretum staff do a great job keeping campus alive and vibrant and beautiful and healthy.

So, because that thesis of mine isn’t itself so healthy, let’s abide by the rule that a picture is worth 1000 words. Here are some views of campus lately.

Even Bryn Mawr is getting in on the act!